Happy Sunday! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I enjoyed my weekend, I went down to visit a couple of my girlfriends in VA, Daisy came along as well, it was fun. I went an saw Eat Pray Love, I enjoyed the movie, the book was better (like always). I loaded up on Trader Joe’s wine (18 bottles, does that seem like a lot??) and discovered that my friend Kate is a Star Wars fanatic.  I miss VA, it was fun to pass through the old neighborhoods, see how things are changing, and hit up some of my favorite hot spots. I was happy to make it back to DE, especially after hitting traffic on the way home (I do NOT miss that drive). Maybe one day we will make it back to VA, who knows. The DC area is a great place to visit, check it out if you haven’t been!

Wedding planning update:

We have made some progress with the wedding planning. First off, we have a date! The big day will be…April 30, 2011! We have a ceremony site and a venue picked out. I went with my girlfriends this weekend to try some dresses on as well, mostly to try on different dress styles. The dress shopping was fun and my mom is coming in a couple of weeks to continue the dress shopping, so hopefully I will find something soon. Of course there are still a few more big decisions to figure out and then it will be fun to focus on little details.

Off to get ready for the work week.



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