Today was the day….

….that Daisy (the dog) locked Dave out of the house.

Sorry my few readers for the break in blogging. Life has been busy here, but now the dust has settled and I’m back into a routine, my blogging can commence again. I was planning on enjoying the rest of June, free of blogging, but today was worthy of a blog post.

Daisy has been living on the east coast for about a month now (review of life in the past couple months to come). She’s adjusted well, but she’s always anxious for us to return home. Recently she realized that if she stands on her hind legs, she can look out the front door window, so lately she’s been doing this, waiting for us to come home. Well, today when she did this, she somehow moved the latch of the old lock on the front door. Of course, once that latch gets flipped, the door is locked from the outside, one needs to be on the inside to flip the latch back. So she locked Dave out of the house when he came home for lunch. Poor girl, she was so confused as to why Dave was just standing on the front porch and not coming in, there was lots of crying and barking. Eventually Dave had to get a ladder from a neighbor and break in through the second floor.

Dave is great and so very funny. As stressful as it was, he handled the situation with ease. He also sent a very funny email, consisting of Β “Hey, your dog locked me out of the house, eventually I was able to break in, it was fun!”


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