Uncertain – Not known or established; questionable. This seems to be the best word to describe my life at the moment. Seems dramatic and my life isn’t bad at all, just some parts of life are still to be determined.

I’ve been job searching for about a month now. I’ve been on many interviews, been rejected a couple of times, but I do still have a few leads, so I’m hoping something happens. There is a lot of competition out there and the job window seems to closing a bit. I thought things were picking up, but there still aren’t a ton of jobs out there, even in Philly metro area. I also want to go back to school, life mission to accomplish, but I don’t quite know what I want to do (the question that has plagued me my whole life!). Unfortunately, I have to wait to establish residency to take any kind of class, stupid rule!

Figuring out my life ambitions can wait, but the job is crucial. Dave and I set a goal to focus on getting a job first, then we would figure out wedding stuff. Although having some time to think about wedding stuff has been nice, as we have many decisions to make. Again, uncertain is a great word to describe wedding stuff. Where do we get married? My family is west coast, his is east coast. We might ended up getting married in Kansas. Do we get married in the church, do we not? I can see why some people just elope. Of course eloping takes the fun out of celebrating with our families. Oh what to do!

There are many great CERTAIN things in my life, on to some exciting news:

– I finished naming all my photos. Check out the Europe photos here!

– Daisy is moving to DE! Daisy, my beloved beagle, that I left with my mom 6 years ago is finally making the trip east. My mom and Jim will be driving here out, super excited!

Have a great weekend!


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