Happy Earth Day!


Hope you are enjoying the earth today. Dave and I went for a run this evening and it started to rain on us as we were running through a trail shaded with trees. When we made it through the trees we were welcomed to a beautiful full rainbow, much appreciated on Earth Day!

This is my first post since making it back from Europe. Probably wondering where or where is my post on Europe huh? Well, I haven’t blogged about Europe yet because I was trying to figure out how to exactly chronicle our awesome adventure. I think I’m going to breakdown posts by each place we were at. I’m also working on all the pictures, we have 700! I’m a freak and like to name each picture, so it’s taking me awhile.

I’m living in Delaware now. It was a little strange to come back from Europe and not have a day to rest before driving back down to VA. It’s great to get to spend so much time with Dave though! It took us a few days to get back to normal from our trip. And then since Monday I’ve been spending my days looking for a job. I’m hopeful and have a few leads. Hopefully once I find a job I will be able to get more acclimated with my new location. I am trying to find some new activities for Dave and I to be involved in because one of the best things about living in the same location is we have our weekends back!

Back to naming pictures otherwise everyone might not believe we actually went!


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