I said YES!

March 30th, 2010, was an amazing day! Dave asked me to marry him!

Here’s our story:

Yesterday was also my last day at work and the day I was officially moving to Delaware. So I went to work, unsuspecting of the life-changing events that would happen later. Dave was taking the train in to meet me at work so we could pack up the rest of my belongings and drive up to Delaware together. Once he made it to my office, Dave suggested that we go to one of my favorite place’s so we could say one final goodbye to the DC/VA area. Again, I was unsuspecting, as this seemed like a normal Dave/Jen adventure. So off we went to Arlington House, on the Arlington Cemetery grounds, which is Robert E Lee’s old plantation before the Union Soldiers took it over during the Civil War. The best part about this house is it sits on top of a hillside that overlooks all of DC and you have a great view of all the monuments. We made it to the house and took in the beautiful view. Then Dave suggested we wander away from the crowd to this cool other overlook. Dave began telling me some lovely things about us, our time in DC/VA, and the great place we were standing at and then said, we should leave this area on a high note, and he had a question to ask me. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry me. I was totally shocked, I couldn’t really believe this was all happening, I didn’t really believe him at first, said something to that effect, but then said YES! It took a few minutes for it all to sink in, then I was jumping around, crying, and saying ‘oh my gosh oh my gosh’. We had our own private moment and only after did someone come down to check out our little secret overlook. We had them take a picture of us, so two dudes from Alabama were the first to know. I’m so happy, it was quite the high note to ride off into the sunset together on!

And now we are off to celebrate in Europe!

Shortly after - I'm super happy!

The View


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