Crazy Old House

  • We didn’t get any snow after all, the forecast was wrong. That’s the kind of winter we usually have here in DC, the hope for snow and then nothing.
  • Our power was off when I got home eventually it came back on, but there is something wrong with one of the circuits, all the lights upstairs won’t turn on, even after resetting the breaker.
  • I’m so not good with secrets!
  • I miss running so much! Life would be easier this winter if I belonged to a gym and could run on a treadmill, but I wasn’t really thinking we were going to have such a winter!
  • Of course, just when the snow is almost melted and I’m free to run for miles and miles, it’s still freezing cold and super windy.
  • I’m becoming LOST obsessed and probably not in a good way
  • Glad the weekend is almost here!

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