Hey! Been a few, I know, I’d like to say that I had disconnected myself from the digital world for a bit, but I haven’t. I’ve just been lazy and not updating my blog. I blame winter! March 20th is right around the corner though, hooray for spring!

So, have you checked out yet? This site is so cool, I’m going out on a limb here and offering this site to the world. Although, it seems like a lot of the world already knows about this site, just not my corner of the world or peeps I associate with. I’m in LOVE with This site started out doing CD trading. Dave introduced us back in 2006, I was able to score a few CD’s I’ve always wanted and unload a few I’m ashamed to admit I owned, all on the cheap. Then Lala, slowly started moving away from CD trading and moved into the idea of online streaming music and selling the streaming music as well as mp3 albums and songs cheaper than iTunes. The best part is that you can listen to everything the site has to offer at least once ALL THE WAY THROUGH without purchasing. Take the album for Owl City for example, the Fireflies song is awesome, the rest of the album, not so much. So right there Lala saved my some money that I could use later on a band like Camera Obscura that I discovered and absolutely love their album after giving it a listen. I use to like Pandora when listening to music at work, but I hate the commercials and the songs Pandora picks for me, we just aren’t in sync. With Lala though, I have more control and no commercials. Much to my surprise at first,  I’ve discovered so many cool bands through Lala and get to listen to all the new releases. This site is so awesome in fact, that Apple purchased the company late last year. I’m in no way associated with the company, I’m just a fan. This post is more of a review if anything, but really more like a love letter to Check them out!


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