Sugar Sugar

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Hope you are enjoying the week. I had off yesterday, it was glorious! I’m not sure how I’m going survive a full week of work next week!

This past weekend I went up to DE to be with my Valentine on Valentine’s Day. On Saturday, we finally saw Avatar. After the movie, we went to the newly opened Santa Fe Wilmington. We both really enjoyed this place. The food is what they called “latin fusion”, very delicious. Dave’s meal came out in a lava rock bowl, it was pretty awesome. I would have loved to do a full review with pictures, but the lighting was very dim/intimate.

Here are some random things going on:

  • The snow is still around, I wish it would melt faster than it is. I want to run for miles and miles, but the snow is in my way 😦
  • I received some good news at work today!
  • I’m giving up ALL sweets for Lent. No cookies, cake, ice cream, candy, pie, and muffins might even make that list. Usually I just give up cookies or candy, but I’m cutting it all out until Easter, which comes at a very good time (details coming soon!)
  • I love LOST, can’t believe this is the final season!

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