1st Quarter 2010 Challenge: Fitness

Like most people in the world, one of my goals is to reach and maintain my ideal weight this year. I lost some weight last year, mainly by changing my diet and then of course training for a marathon helped a bit as well, which was awesome. I’m close to my ideal weight, so I have to continue my efforts.

The challenge is that a) I don’t belong to a gym anymore and b) I live on the east coast, its freaking cold here in the winter! What’s a girl to do? Obvious answer would be to join a gym, but I’m cheap and on a budget, or maybe just in need of a challenge and stubborn.

My first plan of attack is to watch what I eat, which is something I began a couple months before the marathon. I realized that when I ate good food instead of junk, I ran better. I’ve been using the ‘Daily Plate’ through the Livestrong website to count my calories. It’s sometimes shocking at what you think my be a healthy meal, can really add up in calories. This is not something I plan on doing the rest of my life, in fact I stopped for a couple months after the marathon. It’s really so I can get a good understanding of the portions and amount of food I should be eating for my height and weight.

My second plan of attack, run (when I think I can bear it outside!). I got hooked up with a couple long-sleeved running shirts, I have a hat and gloves, if it’s a warmer day than the day before, I need to get out running. In fact, the main reason for writing this whole post is so I can feel accountable – I would feel like a total slacker if we get a random sunny day that’s in the 50’s and I was hanging in my PJ’s under the covers snoozing. I’ll also find out soon if I got into the lottery for the NYC Half-marathon in March, so I might have to be out there running anyways. I’m in love with running, but the cold is not so fun, but I may just have to grin and bear it!

My third plan of attack is work-out videos. My mom gave me the 30-day Shred for Christmas, per my request. Jillian Michael’s kicks butt, especially mine when I’m doing the Shred. I also got a yoga mat and quick video for Christmas. I’ve never done yoga before, so this is a great opportunity for my to learn the poses before I venture out into the yoga world. Also, there are so many free exercise videos on comcast/verizon. I’ve already tried out a bunch, which is how I discovered the Shred series, and hope to check out some more soon. Plus, I have a set of weights and the internet, thank you youtube and people that post their workout videos.

So I think I have plenty of resources available to be successful in my challenge, I don’t need a gym! Wish me luck!


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