Mexican Jumping Beans

So there was an interesting article in the NY Times health section about the best exercise for increasing bone density. Just to cut to the heart of the article, simply jumping up and down a few times a week, is the best exercise you can do for your bones. Not only does it help your bones, it also helps improve your balance.

Now my life makes total sense, I was after all nicknamed Jumping Jenny and I only broke my finger once, no other broken bones. I thought it was all the milk I liked to drink.

Speaking of jumping, I did Jillian Michaels ‘Boost Your Metabolism’ workout tonight and there was a lot of jumping. I was hating her towards the end, but it was a good workout. Not ideal for those that live in apartments though, you will drive your downstairs neighbors crazy. This whole shorter day thing that’s going on is really getting in the way of my running. My longest run since the marathon has been 3.8 miles, sad. My laziness and 9-5 job are also getting in the way, but I’m hoping to get a long run in this weekend. No excuses!

Maybe I’ll get up tomorrow morning and get a run in before work, in which case I got to hit the hay. Later!


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