Love me some oats!

Check back with me in about 6 months and see if I’m singing my title’s same tune. I went to Costco earlier this week and found a super large box of oats (10lbs) for a super great price ($6!) – that is just a deal I can’t pass up. Even if it means I will be eating oatmeal for the rest of my life!

I’m hoping to enjoy oatmeal in the morning throughout the winter and learning how to make some really good oatmeal cookies. I’ve got a lot of oats to work with, I think I’ll be able to perfect some really good cookies! If anything it could be fun just to see how long it will take a person to consume 10lbs of oats πŸ™‚

OatsLots of Oats

I was up again this morning to go for a run. If one goes 2 times in a row does it automatically become a habit?? I only ran about 2 miles (had an early meeting I didn’t want to risk being late), but I did quick sprints throughout my run. It felt good to be out there running. Might be doing a 5k race this weekend, can’t wait to see how I will do.

So glad the weekend is right around the corner!


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