So glad i’s Thursday, the week is almost over! Also, only 10 more days till the marathon. I’m very nervous, hoping I get more excited than nervous, but at the moment the nerves are winning.

Slowly updating my pictures to flickr, I’m also a flickr pro member now. I’ve been meaning to upgrade and then the warning that I can only see 200 pics at a time really sealed the deal for me. I love the site and its great back up storage for my pics. I’m slowly getting back into photography, it’s a great way to remember what’s going on in life, without having to actually use memory space in the brain. Leaves plenty of room for useless knowledge. Speaking of which….

“If you could be the producer of any television show, what would it be?”

Hmmm, do you go with a sitcom or maybe even a game show? Tough choice. Ultimately, I based my decision on what would be a great television show to work on, have a crack at the writing table to throw in an idea or two, a show you would enjoy coming to work everyday or putting in really long hours (does that exist in hollywood?). So it would have to be….Seinfeld. I think of that show at least once a week, if I’m not thinking about it, I’m referring to in my everyday conversation as if that is totally normal. Everything comes back to Seinfeld. Eating pretzels, Seinfeld. Buying a suit, Seinfeld. Soup, Seinfeld. Running a race, Seinfeld.  I’m not sure what life would be like without Seinfeld. And to be a writer on the show, easy job, all your material is right in front of you, everyday. And the actors are all so hilarious, just working around them must be funny.  One of the greatest shows ever! And no, I don’t have the complete box set on DVD, and yes, that would be an excellent X-mas gift. 🙂


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