Wow, here we are in October finally, this year is flying by!

The marathon is in 21 days, I’m excited and nervous, but very much looking forward to crossing the finish line. We did a 20 miler yesterday, it was tough, not the best running day. The traveling and not being able to get a long run in last weekend made it tough, but we did great on our previous long runs and we still have 3 weeks to get some good runs in, so I’m confident we will be fine for the actual race day.

The traveling last weekend was well worth it though! We went to Denver, CO to go to the Great American Beer Festival and a wedding. We tried all kinds of different beers and didn’t get sick or hung over. Went on a running tour of downtown. It was great to hang with the family, my niece and nephew are so adorable. And the wedding was held at this great place with a great view of the mountains and the metro area in the valley (looked very cool at night with all the lights) and was a lot of fun. All in all a great trip.

My family rocks and I’m very much looking forward to getting together again soon. This year as been quite busy, but its been great to see my family as much as I have. I have one more wedding in Mexico in December, which is a great way to end all my travels this year. Next year probably won’t be so busy and I already have a list of tons of places I want to go to as it will be the year of exploring new places (of course not all in my year, unless I win the lottery or something).

I’m still working on my pictures, almost done and will get them up this week!


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