A boost in my productivity

What a random weekend it was! Dave came down. We met up with peeps Saturday morning for a 16 mile run, and no,  I did not mistype that. In fact it was my second 16 mile run, as Dave and I ran 16 miles last weekend. Woohoo!

We relaxed for a bit and then decided to hit up the Library of Congress as we both have never been before (one of my “things to do in DC” is to actually get a book for the Library of Congress). Well, after emerging from the metro, we heard lots of craziness going on. We had heard about the protest going on in DC, but I didn’t think it was all that big and after hearing the noise, we had to go check it out. Wow, was I ever wrong, there was a huge Tea Party protest. We had packed a lunch and decided, the Capitol might be a great place for our little picnic, right in the middle of a protest! It was interesting, first protest I have ever been too, people were very passionate about the cause, although some of the signs were a little much.

After our protest adventure, we headed over to the Library to get our library cards so we could do some research on pickling techniques. We were only able time wise to get our library cards, but we will be back to research pickles!

The day was topped off by a mexican dinner and out to see a couple bands.

Sunday was all about football and we randomly found a new place to check out for future games. We did some “fast” running and then more football. It was a great weekend. And it was amazing how just waking up early and being productive throughout the day on Saturday, we were able to do so much, but thank goodness there is Sunday to veg out, be lazy and watch football!


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