Today is my Thursday

Only one more day of work this week and then I’m off to Seattle to celebrate 1) my birthday 2) a Scottish wedding! I’m really looking forward to the visit out west, its always exciting to see my family when we gather for celebration events. And Dave and I found some mapped out runs so we can keep up with our training, which is good. I just have to remember to bring my running shoes 🙂

This month has been flying by, I’m almost questioning if there is something going on in the universe because time doesn’t usually go by this quickly. Two weeks ago I was at the beach, partaking in Dave’s parents birthday bash. We had a oceanfront house, which was amazing! Once you go oceanfront you pretty much have to do oceanfront for life, its way better than being a block or so away. I was able to enjoy some much needed R&R, we went parasailing, and the birthday bash was awesome, so it was a great time at the beach.

Training for the marathon is going great. We got rained out last weekend, so we weren’t able to go as far as we wanted to for out weekly long run. But this weekend we will be going my longest run ever, through the streets of Seattle with picturesque views of water/mountains, hopefully taking the focus off the pain my feet are going to be feeling. I feel so motivated and healthy, loving the training so far, of course we’ll see in a month if I’m still feeling this same way.

Off to enjoy my last few days as a 27 year old 🙂


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