Ferris Bueller your my hero

I was very sad to hear of John Hughes death earlier today. I was just thinking of him the other day while out for a run, there was a house with 2 statues in the driveway that I’m certain must get knocked over all the time, clearly these people have forgotten about the scene in Home Alone and it even happens again in Home Alone 2!

I could easily name at least 5 movies he was involved in, but after looking at his stats at imdb I was shocked that so many awesome movies that in a sense shaped me as a person were associated with him. I was a little too young to really take in his earlier stuff, like the Breakfast Club and Weird Science, I sort of begin in the middle of his career. I started with the Great Outdoors, my first introduction to the great John Candy. I was a little weird when I was younger and only wanted to rent a few of the same movies over and over and the Great Outdoors was one of them. Then there was Uncle Buck,  the National Lampoon Vacations and the Home Alone movies. Once I got older, then I delved into the classics; I so wanted to be Molly Ringwald, Jake Ryan was probably my first celebrity crush, and Ferris Bueller a pure masterpiece if you ask me. John Hughes was an amazing writer, and that scene in She’s Having a Baby with that song, moves to tears every time. So many of us have benefited from his wonderfully crafted movies, he will be missed!


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