Believe it or not!

I’m walking on air…I’ve had the theme song to Greatest American Hero stuck in my head all day, what gives??? Very random.

Well, believe it or not, its been awhile. I was busy hanging in CA and went through a period of stressing and overall not being very inspired to blog. But I’m back! My summer has been going well. There was my trip to CA which was a blast. Coming up, I will be going to the beach for a long weekend with Dave’s family and then off to Seattle to my sisters wedding and that’s just what’s in store for August.

Training for the marathon is going well. Again, I went through a uninspired period with my training, but we have kicked things into high gear. Dave and I did 11 miles this past weekend, my longest of the year. Training this week is going well so far and then its on to another long run this weekend. I had a dream last night that I was running in the marathon and as I was nearing the finish line I realized that if I sprinted I could qualify for Boston, I was only a minute away from the cut off time, I don’t know if I made it or not because I woke up (stupid alarm clock!). In reality, Boston is not on my mind at all, that race is for the best of the best and my main goal for my first marathon is make it to the finish line, but one can always dream!

Alright, I’m off to change my voicemail message to the classy one George Costanza had in Seinfeld.


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