July 1st !?!

Happy 1st day of the 2nd half of the year! Holy moly, where did the time go? I really can’t believe its July. There have been a lot of adventures so far this year and the second half of the year will not disappoint in the adventures department. Be sure to check back shortly for a recap of the 1st half with pictures.

First adventure of the 2nd half: riding the train to DE. I get to spend an extra long weekend with Dave. I heart the train and 4th of July!

Marathon training has officially begun. This past weekend Dave and I ran 9 miles, my longest run of the year. Granted it was at a slow pace, but I did feel like I could keep going if I needed to. So I’m set if I need to run a half-marathon, just got to focus on getting over the 13 mile mark.

I had such a blast last weekend, listened to great music, talked burritos, played with a bouncy red ball, it was awesome. A great way to end the first half of the year, looking forward to the second half!


One thought on “July 1st !?!

  1. Hi Jen,

    Unfortunately I only venture to your blog ever now and then. I need to make a note to visit more often. Terrific news about the 9 mile run. What is your target marathon?

    Please allow me to edit your picture choices before posting…that is a terrible picture of your dear old dad.

    Love you,


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