Sing, sing a song!

I’ve been humming and singing the night away, mostly my own made up tunes, but sometimes it’s fun to sing songs. I really wish I could remember some of the songs we sang in 5th grade at camp. There was a great one about a worm, but I would only know it if I heard someone singing the song. It had a few parts, we would sing as we were hiking or going to the cafeteria, ahh camp!

This past weekend, I was a total wine-o, enjoying myself a little too much at a local wine festival. It was a blast, I enjoyed hanging with my 3026 friends. I’m getting old though, I need the full day on Sunday to recover and still wasn’t 100% until I woke up on Monday. 

Its raining cats and dogs here! Lots of fun coming up, I think the weekend will be nice again, so hopefully Dave and I will do something fun. My friend Jess will be coming down as well in a couple weekends, the 3 amigos will reunite, hooray!

I have a lot on my plate, books to read, things to do, crafts to work on, people to see, things to learn.  Sometimes I overwhelm myself and don’t even know where to begin with tackling it all, but I’m working on organizing myself.  I think I may have to develop some kind of “school schedule” for myself, an hour for this, an hour for that, otherwise I procrastinate! Probably what I’m doing now, especially while singing songs. Ha, ok off I go!


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