I have some kind of weird itchy rash on my arms. Not quite sure what it is, based on webmd, I could easily diagnose myself with having shingles (I come from a family of self taught doctors, that site is dangerous for me to have access too). I was out in the wilderness on Monday and I drank a gallon of milk in a little over a week, could be possible reasons for itchy arms. I made an appointment, but its over a week away. I might just scratch all my skin off by then. Grrr!

I had a great run today! I went about 5 miles and didn’t feel tired at all. It’s an awesome feeling when you just had a really good run, they don’t seem to happen as often as you would think. I felt like I could have easily run 21 more miles. Of course the weather was awesome tonight and not humid. Check back in a month or so, I’m sure I’ll be hating the fact I signed up for a marathon and the horrible humid weather I have to train in.


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