And she was…

Hello, world! I’ve missed being on my blog, but finally, I’m back in the game. My hope is to update more frequently, continue my random top five lists (although facebook is trying a to over do it and make the top five so not cool), and to just enjoy my self and be creative with my writing. Sometimes this crazy technology world can be a drag, take over ones life and make them want to run away to the country and never have to deal with technology again. In a nutshell, I’m trying to say that I was enjoying the internet a little too much and not enjoying life as much, so I needed a bit of a break from my technology commitments. Which is also why I’m no longer partaking in my “Project 365”, I lost my inspiration and it wasn’t fun. It ended up being like a chore that I hated doing everyday (like making my bed). I still enjoy photography, but I want a chance to focus on stuff that inspires me and its really hard to be inspired everyday. Maybe I’ll start the project again, but I think I may commit to maybe a weekly photo and then try a daily photo again. It’s all about baby steps!

So what’s been going on? Well, I just came back from a long weekend in DE. Dave and I kept busy, him on his porch and me with the garden. We finished up both the front and back gardens and they look awesome! And the porch looks aweesome too! I’ll be posting some pictures on flickr soon. We also ran and went on a little hike in MD, it was a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. 

Just when I thought I would have no weddings to go to this year, it looks like my calendar is already being filled with 5 potential weddings this year. Dave has 2 friends getting married, my cousin is getting married this summer and my sister and old roomie will both maybe be getting married in late fall/winter. I’m looking forward to them all, should be fun. Throw in some concerts, a beer festival, a couple trips to the beach, maybe some other random travel, training for a marathon, running a marathon, and you got one crazy year!

I’m trying to keep up with my reading, I have a ton of books that I would love to read, especially some Lost inspired books. By the way, Lost is the greatest show ever! Catch up this summer/fall people and you’ll be ready for the final season which will begin Jan 2010! I’m still loving the Gilmore Girls, netflix will be sending me the beginning of season 5 soon. 

Ok, well I have pictures to upload, expenses to track and other important things to work on. Enjoy the last few days of May, June is right around the corner!


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