Come on baby light my fire…

…this was the last song I heard on the radio, seemed like a fitting title. Why are title’s/subject lines so hard to think of???? I usually prefer the random, has nothing to do with what I’m writing title, really throws the reader for a loop. 

March has been a very long month, I will be very happy when April finally comes around. 

My family lost a very dear person this month, Billie Kennedy, an adopted grandmother to me.  She was a wonderful women, I enjoyed her smart wits, lovely smile, enjoyment of her daily glass of wine, and passion for books. I spent a week in Seattle and really took up reading again, due to Billie’s inspiration of “chapta” reading every night.  I’m much looking forward to heading out to Seattle in April to celebrate Billie’s life. 

Daisy turned 6 this month too, so crazy, my little puppy is growing up. I do miss her a lot, but thankfully she is in the best hands! 

I made my first pot roast in the slow-cooker today. The meat was dry, but the veggies were yummy and if you spooned some of the juices on the meat, it wasn’t half bad. I’m reading this book Julie and Julia (I think soon to be made into a movie) and love wasting time looking at foodie blogs over on tastespotting, so I think all of this is inspiring me to want to learn how to cook and make some tasty food. I think my inner Martha is coming out, that and everyone in my family seems to be awesome cooks, so I can’t let them down, legacy is at stake!

Ok, off to try and set the night on fire!


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