I’m alive!

I was MIA, but I’m back now.

After the craziness of the inauguration, I left Wednesday night to Dave’s as Thursday morning (Happy Birthday Dave!) we were on our way to Vegas for the weekend! It was super awesome, got to see my cousin Jessica and meet up with Dave’s siblings and other peeps that made it out for the celebration weekend. Vegas was Vegas, I think that explains it all. Vegas definitely won! I was doing fine out there even though I had a cold up until Saturday, I wasn’t feeling too hot, maybe the hangover I had didn’t help too much either and I had a coughing attack that night for a couple hours, it was bad. Sunday I was ready to leave and then once I finally made it back home, I spent the week being sick. I’m done being sick, I had enough this past Sunday after feeling exhausted just blow drying my hair and a little blue. I have a change of attitude starting today, hoping this coughing gets the hint to pack up and leave. It was great to see my old roomies TWICE this past weekend, I do miss their company! Oh and to add to all of that, I’m temporarily homeless as work began on our new bathroom this morning (hence the new attitude, won’t have the opp to be sick and mopey). Thankfully my roomie has a friend with a boyfriend that is letting us invade his apartment, as he is away at training for a month. They already ripped everything out of the bathroom already in one day, so although they were saying it could take up to 2 weeks, I think it may be more like a week. I’m still doing Project 365 Β (daily photo) and will hopefully be able to update as I’m very behind in uploading all my photos to my flickr.Β 

Alright, that’s a quick update, hope all is well!


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