Happy 10,000th day Birthday to ME!

That’s right, today is my 10,000th day birthday. I was born exactly 10,000 days ago. It’s a once in a lifetime day! A very special holiday for me! And yes, I did factor in leap years. 

I’m a total nerd, I’ll be the first to admit, so of course I like to do the most nerdy things possible, and celebrating such a day seems fitting. In fact this isn’t even my first 10k day celebration, I had a celebration for Dave’s 10k day, decorations and everything! 

I had a very awesome 10,000th day birthday. I treated myself by driving to work, which was a good thing because its cold! It felt like 19 degrees out this morning with the windchill, I might have frozen on my walk in to work.  Work was work, the day went by fast, which was a nice 10,000th day birthday surprise. Then I got my haircut, just needed a trim, but I got an awesome lady at the hair cuttery, she did a great job, didn’t feel like I just went to the hair cuttery. Another great 10,000th day birthday. I went to the gym, made some dinner, had a couple bites of the piece of cake I bought myself in celebration, and talked to Dave. I will finish up writing this blog, watch an episode of the Gilmore Girls and fall asleep. This may seem like just a normal day, but it was definitely different. I guess it was just cool knowing I was celebrating a special day that most people could care less about.  I’m looking forward to an extended celebration with Dave in Vegas next week!

Oh, and you too can find out how many days old you are, just play around in excel with your birthday. There is also a website out there that will calculate your 10k, 15k, 20k day date for you. 

I’m also upgrading to flickr pro, a 10,000th day birthday gift to myself, I’m hoping to upload a bunch this weekend. 

Hope you had a great day too!


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