So I must admit that I have spent a good part of my time recently absorbed in the Twilight saga. The Twilight series consists of 4 books marketed to the young adult audience, but still fun to enjoy for those (like me) that are young at heart. Someone had recommended these books to me, but I hadn’t really been too excited to begin reading them. I signed up for the waiting list at the library and after a few weeks got an email that ‘Twilight’ was available. I was in the middle of another book, but decided to check out the first chapter of the book, after allI, I only had a few weeks to read the book before it was due. So it must have been after the first few chapters that I decided the heck with my other book, this one was getting good, I had to keep reading. I finished in a couple days, was signed up on the waiting list at the library for the next book, ‘New Moon’, and decided that I couldn’t wait (good thing I didn’t, I’m still waiting for a copy to become available) and went to buy the second book at the store. It was just as good as the first, actually the second book is my favorite, so again, being impatient, I went back to the store to just get the whole set so I could finish the series without stopping. The author created a magical world of high school, romance and vampires, I was hooked. ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Breaking Dawn’ (3rd and 4th books) weren’t as magical as the first two books for me, I really didn’t enjoy how the whole story ended, but like all good series, it had to end. I won’t provide much detail on the books, as there are many fan sites dedicated to them worthy of checking out, but if you are feeling a little cheesy and want to feel 16 again, check out these books, they are great! The movie is coming out in November and yes, I’m totally excited to check it out. Edward is so dreamy!


2 thoughts on “Twilight

  1. Oh yes Edward is very dreamy and so is Robert Pattinson who plays Edward in the movie. He was in Austin last weekend and I caught a glimps. Oh my! Twilight for sure made me feel 16 again. Glad you liked it too.

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