Deck of the Dead

I really enjoy the house I’m at in A-town. It’s close to hustle and bustle of A-town and yet in a neighborhood that is very calm and peaceful. The one bathroom for 3 ladies can get tricky in the morning, but we make it work. We have a big backyard and a lovely deck in the back. My only cause for concern is, why do wildlife choose to die on our deck? This past summer, my roommate found a dead squirrel on our deck. It was pretty gross and we had to shovel it into a trash bag and throw it in the trash. Not sure how it died, could have fallen from the trees above, but either way it was gross. Considering we don’t live in the middle of now where, I thought that was the last of dead wildlife I would encounter. Then yesterday, I came home to find a dead raccoon on the deck. He looks young, I’m thinking he was sick if he was close to our house, and I guess our deck looked like a peaceful place to pass. I can deal with a squirrel, but I don’t do raccoons, especially if he might be sick. Luckily the county has a number you can call and they will come remove and dispose of the dead raccoon. We will just have to disinfect like crazy after he is gone. It is a lovely deck and I guess the neighborhood wildlife enjoy the peacefulness as much as we do.


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