Top Five – Condiments

I’m back from New Mexico. Before posting an update on my trip, I thought I would challenge myself to a top five list. I’m going to try and do a “Top Five” at least every month, because its just plain fun for you and me.

Today, I’ve picked my top five condiments, which was a bit challenging to narrow down. I realize I use a lot of condiments, actually rely on them because some food just wouldn’t be good without some extra flavor.

#5 Mustard – so good on a sandwich, hot dog, or a pretzel.

#4 Arby’s Sauce – what good would a roast beef sandwich from Arby’s be without some special sauce.

#3 Soy Sauce – There’s no way I could eat sushi without some soy sauce.

#2 Ketchup – What can you really say about ketchup, it’s just necessary to have in the frig at all times.

#1 Salsa – I love Mexican food and I love salsa. It’s like ketchup (just necessary, no reason needed), but better!


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