Fantastic weekend celebrating 27!

Greetings readers!

This past weekend, Dave and I finally made it down to the beach. It was awesome! We stayed with his friends, at a place in Bethany. On Friday, we went out early for dinner in Rehoboth, played games at Funland (Dave redeemed himself at the horse game), and ended the night with ice cream at Candi Kitchen. Thank you to all for the birthday wishes! The rest of the weekend we spent taking in all the craziness of Dewey, hittin’ the beach, and enjoying some Mama Celeste. I’m slightly disappointed to not collect a couple tennis balls, but maybe next time. Of course in true Jen birthday/holiday celebration style I was able to extend the celebration, the weekend before with Kate and yesterday with the White Birch roomies.

Dave and I are officially signed up for the Baltimore Half-Marathon, so there is no turning back now. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been a slacker, but I’m finally kicking myself into gear, I only have 5 weeks left. I’m kind of freaking out about the lack of time and the lack of running I’ve been doing, but hopefully it will all work out.

I’m meeting my mom and Jim in New Mexico to visit with my family next weekend (and yes I’ll be running around somewhere, training doesn’t stop even if I’m on vacation, again, only 5 weeks left!).  I’m excited to see the family, eat some green chili, and eat more green chili.

Gotta run!


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