I’m a winner!

An ebay winner that is. This past weekend at a wedding where the guest book was done by way of polaroid pictures I remembered how much I enjoyed the polaroid camera. My grandma has and still uses her polaroid, many wonderful family photos have been taken with that thing. So, I set out on a mission to track one down and found a bunch on ebay. It was so easy, I placed my bid and was just declared the winner, hooray! Good thing I can only enjoy playing with my new purchase for a year or so, they stopped making the instant camera recently and eventually all the film will be sold and I guess it even expires (?). Should be fun in the meantime!

Wow, so its been awhile. Its been a crazy summer. Since coming back from CA, Dave and I went to Harrisburg for my friend wedding (congrats!), the Poconos for a weekend getaway with some of Dave’s friends, and went to Dave’s friends wedding (congrats!) this past weekend in DE. All of it, so much fun! Of course during the week, I’ve just been busy working. Work has been hectic because I’ve been handling 2 other jobs, but luckily soon, help is on the way! I’m hoping I won’t be as stressed.

Its also time to start running for real because Dave and I are going to run the Balitimore Half-Marathon in October. And I’m hoping to go back to school, so time to start studying for the GMAT, fun fun.


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