Like the California Adventure Theme Park (cont.)

On Saturday night, we were hoping to hang out at the local dive bar by the campsite. It was a little disappointing that the gas station bar was not the hoppin’ place we hoped it would be, in fact it wasn’t hoppin’ at all, it was CLOSED! Maybe a good thing.

The last day we packed up in the morning and went to check out Lassen Volcanic National Park. This park is amazing! We only spent a few hours doing a quick ‘drive by’, but I would love to go back. The crazy thing is I’ve never heard of this park and I use to live in CA. We did get a chance to stretch the legs and hike to Bumppass Hell. It was pretty amazing, its essentially an area of hydrothermal activity (steam coming from the ground, boiling mud, water as hot as 240 degrees, nasty sulphur smell). There was this cool boardwalk built to walk on when we reached the boiling mud pots and there was snow still on the ground about 20 feet away.

After enjoying the hot springs mud wraps, we crammed back into the Kia and drove back to SF. We went back to my Mom’s house, showered, showered again, and showered again. It was sad to go, but we headed back to the east coast.

Random items:

  • It was pretty awesome when Dave finally decided to jump into the falls, within 5 secs he had his shoes and belt off and jumped in!
  • It was pretty funny the second and third time Joe decided to jump in, there was a lot of drama, some UGGHH noises, and hair flipping.
  • We checked out the Mt Shasta City street fair and scored some ‘vintage’ tees from 3 years ago for a $1. It’s impossible to find fashion like that for so cheap these days!

Amazing vacation!


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