Good things…

  • This morning I woke from one of those really great dreams. When I woke, it took me a few seconds to realize where I was and that my dream wasn’t real. It wasn’t a dream that was too far off from reality, so it could be real at some point. It was a refreshing way to wake up, for a moment being in another reality.
  • I’m been eating healthier the past couple weeks and I feel great. Its amazing how eliminating eating out and just eating more fruits and veggies can do to ones self. It seemed for a past month I was over indulging, but I’m back on the right track and getting in 4 workouts a week.
  • I’m hanging out with my some of my hokies/421 roomies and a couple other awesome girls this weekend for Janel’s bachelorette party. We will be hanging at the spa, doing dinner, and out on the town. I’m excited!
  • In 6 days I get to see Mom/Jim and Daisy and in 8 days I will be camping in the wilderness. I’m very excited, this is a much needed vacation! And going to be a fun adventure!

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