Delayed TN Weekend Update

Ok, so I was back from TN/DE on Monday, but I haven’t had a chance to give an update until now. It was a great weekend! First, it was great to celebrate with Amy and Greer. They are a great couple and I hope they enjoy a lifetime of happiness together. Second, it was great to hang out with some fellow hokies. Jess. Sara. Mark and Natalie. Nate and Bri. I hope we all make it down for a football game this year and hang out again soon.

So what did we do while in TN? We got in Friday morning and met Jess at the airport. We headed downtown to check out the sites. We ate at Jack’s BBQ for lunch. We walked around downtown, checking out some western wear stores, gift shops, and the area by the river/stadium. We went to Robert’s on Broadway and had TN’s finest beer (Miller High Life, Pabst, and Busch were the happy hour specials) while enjoying some music. We attempted to go to the Country Music Hall of Fame, but it was a bit expensive for 3 people that aren’t that interested in country music. So we went to the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame instead. Then I read online about this taping they were doing close by for a PBS show, ‘Legends and Lyrics’, so we went to check it out. There were about 5 different artists that would be performing. We were going to be part of the audience you would see on the show. It was a pretty cool experience, they recorded us clapping (light, medium, and this is the best artist ever) and laughing, in case they needed to edit and fill in some of the clapping during the actual taping. We were only able to see two artists, but they were both amazing! I can’t recall the woman that sang, but the other artist was Rob Blackledge. He was great! It might not air till November, so hopefully I’ll even remember to check it out then. We left that, got ready and went to the rehearsal dinner at Amy and Greer’s house. Their house is awesome, huge backyard, so we enjoyed some more BBQ outside.

The wedding on Saturday was great. It rained in the morning, but cleared and wasn’t as humid by the afternoon. At the reception, there was good food and lots of wine. We had a shuttle back to the hotel, so everyone could enjoy themselves. They played the chicken dance, the hokey pokey, and the cha cha slide, I was in wedding reception heaven! It was around 8 when things winded down and we went back to the hotel. Across the street from the hotel was a restaurant and everyone was meeting there to continue the fun. We were told by the restaurant manager that as a group we all enjoyed a few too many drinks and they cut everyone off and asked us to leave. I guess someone puked in the bathroom, but we still maintain, it wasn’t anyone in our party. Sara, Jess, Dave and I had a fun walk about a quarter mile away to the Chili’s to try and continue the fun there. Jess fell down the hill and got grass stains on her jeans, it was classic. When we got to Chili’s, I was being funny and ordered our drinks and food in Spanish (we were having margaritas and a quesadilla, it only made sense!). The other restaurant had called before we got there to warn them about our group and the manager came by and said he wouldn’t be able to serve us drinks. Ahh, if only it wasn’t broken Spanish I had used to order (making me probably sound more drunk than I really was), we might not have been cut off. So we walked back to the hotel (and yes, Jess fell going up the hill this time) and called it a night.

Sunday we hung out with Sara and checked out her new digs. She has a dog named Charlotte, who can jump very high. Charlotte also loves to play frisbee and can run very fast! Then it was off to the airport to head home. Our flight was delayed and we hopped on another flight to try and get home earlier than we would have on the delayed flight. In the end, it was about the same, and it was late. I was pretty grumpy when I found the shampoo leaked in my bag and knew it was time to just hit the hay. I took the train in the morning back to DC with many far away commuters.

It’s been a pretty normal week, just counting down till the weekend. This is my first weekend in a while with NOTHING planned and I’m very excited about it!


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