Tennessee Bound!

ok, so it’s been awhile since i’ve posted. sorry! i’ve been swamped at work and feeling rather frustrated at work as well. dave and i came up with a great analogy, i’m the star player stuck on the worst team in the league. hopefully it will all work out and eventually i can get traded, i just have to make it through the season. ahh corporate america, got to love it!

so i didn’t have pink eye. just a case of puffy eyes due to allergies. in the past, i never would go to the doctor. for some reason this year i’ve freaked out over possible health issues, making an appointment at the first sign of a problem and then by the time i get to the doctors everything back to normal. i think i need to not freak out or maybe its all in my mind, knowing i’m going to the doctor makes me better.

the past few weekends have been busy. we went to wedding #1 of the year. dave’s co-worker was getting married on her families horse farm in south jersey. it was awesome! it rained during the day, so everything was in this huge tent (part of the farm) and they laid sod down and brought in trees and lights. it was like we were in an awesome city park at night. the food was amazing, as well as the tasty margaritas they were serving during the cocktail hour.  the setting of a farm was also really cool. we had a great time. we also went to a grad party last weekend and a get together in philly. it was very hot and humid this past weekend!

this weekend we are heading down to nashville, tn for wedding #2. my friend amy from college is getting married. i’m very excited, especially to hang out with the old ise engineer crew. i had many good times with them in college. easter. beer olympics. football games. flag day celebrations. it’s great that flag day falls on a saturday this year and we can have an awesome flag day celebration in fancy clothes. i’m also excited because i get to take the train tonight up to wilmington, i do enjoy the train, all aboard! i will be missing an awesome celebration over on the west coast though. my sister tammy is graduating from uw. and it is father’s day/dad’s b-day as well. i wish i could be there to celebrate, but i will be thinking of everyone on sunday!


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