Hooray for long weekends!

Well, my weekend was pretty awesome. Dave and I went to see Augustana in Philly on Friday night. The band wasn’t quite vibing, especially with the singer being sick and the crowd being rather quiet and not giving the band much to feed off of. Overall, I enjoyed the concert, they rocked out at the end and played a couple cool acoustic songs.

The weather was amazing as well this weekend. It wasn’t really hot during the day and then cooled off to an enjoyable temperature at night. Dave and I also went to the local market in town to get some fresh fruit and veggies (and a delicious mango salsa!). Then there was some running, gardening, and enjoying good food and company at a family BBQ. Sleeping in 3 days in a row also added to the awesome weekend. I think we need to establish a 4-day work week, I heard they did that for awhile during the oil shortage in the 70’s, 3 days of relaxing is way better than just 2. If they need volunteers to test the effects on the environment and ones health the 4-day work week may have, sign me up!

I’m becoming a gardening nerd. I love working on the garden and watching things grow. Weeding is a great way to relieve some stress. I’m still learning, but thankfully Dave lets me play in his garden. πŸ™‚ Below is a picture of Dave’s front yard from a few weeks ago. Most of the plants seemed to have doubled in size since this picture was taken. Also is a cool shot of an iris from my Dad’s garden.


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