Back from the Emerald City

I’m back from a nice long weekend, visiting family in Seattle. It was an excellent 4 day getaway. I was able to see my Dad, Patricia, Billie, my sister Tammy, her boyfriend Robert, and my cousin Mike. We went on a harbor cruise, wine tasting, hit up a few breweries and funky bars, and had a few amazing meals both at restaurants and at home. I truly enjoy Seattle every time I visit, I always get to experience something new. The scenery is great, water all around, green life everywhere, and snow-cap mountains surround you. The culture is great for the young and old. And most places in the city seem to be very pet-friendly. And very green with lots of farmers markets held in different parts of the city and many local businesses. Lucky for me, I have family in fun cities, such as Seattle, that I can visit! 🙂

This trip officially kicked off my “summer of fun” with a bang! The weekend coming up is the Augustana concert and Memorial weekend fun in DE/Philly. Then back to DE for a wedding, the 1st of 4 this summer. If only I could get paid to visit family and friends for a living…

Here’s a view of the “Emerald City” skyline from my cruise (look for snow-cap mountains on the right side):



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