It’s a rainy spring night with a thunderstorm rolling in. I love nights like these, sleeping is so peaceful! I have a love/hate relationship with thunderstorms. The thunder and lightening really freak me out, but yet the sound of the thunder and the bolts of lightening are so amazing that I’m cautiously glued to the window instead of hiding under my covers.

And of course after months of waiting, I finally got my Jeep washed this morning, the one day it rains!

So I’ve been busy at work, busy planning my crazy summer, and busy trying to get back into the whole running thing. This summer is going to be nuts beginning next weekend. I’m visiting family, going on a camping trip, going to 4 weddings, throw in a concert or two and maybe a beach weekend. My weekends already involve a lot of traveling along good old 95, so it’s going to be really crazy! Of course, it’s going to be a lot of fun. I get to see family, friends I haven’t seen in awhile, travel to new places, so all the craziness will be well worth it!

I also want to run another half marathon (or two!) this fall which means I need to train a lot this summer. I think I can easily improve my time. Of course after a few half marathons, I’m going to really get the itch to run a marathon and it would be awesome to one day qualify to run the Boston. That’s such a HUGE goal to try and achieve, so needless to say, I need to hit the pavement a lot!

Well, there is a thunderstorm going on, so I’m thinking safety first, and shutting down my computer.



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