We are Virginia Tech – 4/16/07

Today marks the year anniversary of the tragedy at Virginia Tech. It’s still so sad, it still hurts, even a year later. The stories and images of that day always leave me on the verge of tears. I’ve enjoyed getting to know 32 fellow hokies. It hurts that so many accomplished individuals lives were cut short. I loved what President Steger said today at the ceremony, “On this solemn day of remembrance, and all those to follow, let us remember our loved ones and challenge ourselves to continue our personal journey to live meaningful lives, to embrace the future with hope and a sense of purpose, and to reach our highest promise.” If there is anything I’ve taken from this tragedy, it’s an appreciation for family and community, as well as a hope to live a meaningful and accomplished life.

On another note, I was able to see the Pope today! He was in DC for part of his US visit (in case you hadn’t heard). Through my church class, one of the group leaders had some extra tickets to go to the Basilica and greet the US Bishops and the Pope for a private meeting they were having. It was pretty awesome! There was a two hour window to get into the secured area and then the doors shut and you waited for the Pope to arrive. I got there early, to try and avoid some of the chaos and to try and get a good spot to see him. The Bishops came first and then an hour later, the bells were tolling and the Pope arrived in his Pope-mobile. I was able to get some pictures, that again, I will try and post soon. It was a very cool experience, so I’m glad I was able to go.

I’m exhuasted and it’s already early morning on 4-17, so I’m off to bed.



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