Put your hands up in the air!


So, I’ve been back from the DR for about a week, but I’ve been busy/lazy, so I’m finally getting around to writing a post. I love the Caribbean, there is something awesome about being on an island in the middle of the ocean. I welcome any opportunity to get stuck on an island because I really think I could enjoy the whole island living thing. Dave and I went to Puerto Plata, DR for 5 days and stayed at the Iberostar. It was an awesome resort, beautiful grounds, awesome room, pool was huge, beach was better than the DE beaches, and the food was great. The entertainment was a little dated (they had a MC Hammer sketch), but everyone that worked there was friendly and made the stay even more enjoyable.

We spent one day going on the “Mega Trucks” tour. The tour went through Puerto Plata and other near by towns, seeing some of the back villages where the real DR live, riding horses, and going to this awesome beach with great views along the way. The truck was a little embarrassing at first, but we later realized we needed the big huge truck to get around the back roads, most were dirt roads with an occasional river to cross over. The horse riding was so much fun, they just kind of stick you on a horse and show you how to ride as you go. Dave must have been on speedy gonzales, because his horse was always in front, leading the way. My horse was very slow, but I was able to enjoy the beautiful hills we were riding through. They filmed a few scenes in Jurassic Park where we were riding.

If I could quit my day job and do anything, I would partner with Hefty trash bags and clean up the Dominican. There was trash EVERYWHERE! I might have to be the first to adopt-a-highway there.  Even with all the trash, the country is beautiful, cool moutains and awesome beaches. The coffee is really good too, we got some from one of the villages, but the packaging was a little suspect to bring back to the states.

Before we left we found this cool market up the beach from our resort and bartered to get some cool souvenirs. I found this awesome ring that is two rings in one! We did get suckered at the airport and each spent $2.75 on a can of coke at the airport, we weren’t able to barter there unfortunately. It was a great vacation, I was sun burnt and felt refreshed, it doesn’t get much better than that. I’m trying to figure out how to post pictures, so they will be up soon.

PS. It is no joke to go through American customs. I think we went through 5 different checks and the in the Dominican we didn’t even fill out our declaration form all the way and went through one check of the passport. Crazy crazy.


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