Refresh and Go

Well, its been 42 days since my last post. It’s been a very busy 42 days, so much has been going on. Let’s see, I’ve moved, I’ve travelled to Hoboken twice, I got a promotion and I’ve fallen down an escalator, just to name a few things. Life has been busy to say the least. Here are a few updates:

I moved back to A-town two weekends ago. I love my new house, it’s an awesome brick A-town house I’ve always wanted to live in. I have two awesome roomies, Kristen and Brittany. There is a big yard in the back with a great deck. I’m looking forward to some awesome summer nights, grilling and relaxing with some cold beverages. . I do miss the old roomies, our house was crap that of course was being updated once we gave notice to our landlord, but the rent was cheap. I’m walking to work (saving gas and the planet!). And there are plenty of great trails and neighborhoods to explore while running.

I got a promotion that was just approved this week. I’m now a Lead Operations Analyst. This is my first ever promotion, so I’m very excited.

And finally, I’m going on a well deserved vacation to the DR. It’s going to be 5 glorious days of fun in the sun. I get to use my passport finally, I’m thrilled! I am a bit of a freak and registered my trip with the State Department, which I’m certain is only used by those traveling to crazy places like Bosnia or Iran, but one can never be too cautious. Only 9 more days till I’m sun burnt in the Caribbean!

I’m going to be much better about updating my blog. I no longer have a TV in my room, so I’ll be spending a lot more time on my computer. Prepare for random thoughts and updates!


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