I was thinking of funny names and phrases using ‘wii’ and Dave come up with the winner – wiiject. That is exactly what I have become, a wiiject. I went to Blockbuster and rented a wii game, Super Paper Mario. Fun game for a newbie like me (the game is a lot like the old school Mario games), but way too much text. I’m not very good at all, I can’t seem to beat Bowser in chapter 3. Good thing I only have a couple more days with my rented game or I might have ended up quiting my job and becoming a total wiiject (and probably spending my time just trying to beat Bowser and not even the whole game!). 

On a separate note, I’m finally taking the necessary steps to be confirmed with the Catholic church. It’s something I have thought about for way too long and decided I was just being lazy and couldn’t put it off any longer. Dave is an awesome supporter. He came down, although he is completely swamped at work, to be there for me at the welcoming ceremony they had at the church Sunday and even ended up being a part of it. Thanks babe!  


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