Happy Birthday Dave!

Hooray, it’s Dave’s birthday!

We had a relaxing fun weekend celebrating. I was even lucky enough to have Monday off to extend the celebration. I arrived Friday night with my failed attempt at a black forest cake I made the night before. Basically the real recipe looked really complicated and time consuming, so I went with the quick version. The cake was good, just wasn’t very pleasing to the eyes.  Dave named it the “Cherry Bomb” cake, which was very fitting. I’ll be sure to post a picture later. Update: Here is the “cherry bomb”  img_0202.jpg

Saturday we ran some errands and I was attempting to be sneaky and I hid some presents in his car. Dave at some point became cool gum guy and now carries gum in his jacket, so part of my present surprise plan was foiled. Eventually I had to inform him of the remaining surprise hidden in his car. I made a dinner reservation that night at Moro Restaurant. The food was great, I felt like I was on the show Top Chef. It was a great birthday celebration meal.

Sunday I woke up early and stood outside for an hour and a half in the cold. Why you might ask? Well, I had given Dave his presents the day before, but the main present was missing. I searched high and low for this present. Earlier in the week I got a tip that it would be available only on Sunday, with a minimum of five per store. It’s a pretty hot item, so I wasn’t expecting to get it, but I woke up early, thought briefly about going back to sleep, but I figured I should check out the store anyways and if it didn’t look hopeful, I would return home and go back to sleep. I did tell Dave about his future present, only because I wasn’t sure if I would get it before his birthday or if it would be weeks after. So I get to the store and about 8 other people were bundled up waiting. The word on the street was that this store was going to have 19 and I was #9. It only took about 20 mins for about 10 more people to get behind me in line, so I made it there just in time. They weren’t going to be handing out vouchers until 9:45, so I had no choice, I was going to stand and wait. I was so close to the prize, so I wasn’t going to budge at all from my place in line. Eventually, at about 9:51 I had in my hand a voucher for a Nintendo Wii! I was very excited, I knew Dave would be excited, although I held off jumping for joy until I had more than the voucher in my hand. I did a little dance on my drive back with the Wii strapped into the passenger seat. We set it up and tested it out when I got back. It’s so much fun! The rest of the day was dedicated to football and taking a Wii break every now and then.

The Giants are in the Superbowl, that is so weird! I guess ESPN was right last week when they said ‘there’s a new sheriff in town’ (eli manning). Although it’s not the Packers vs. Patriots match up I was hoping for, it might still be a great game.


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