Trees are Terrific!

I’m beginning to embrace the fact that I’m becoming a tree hugger. I recycle, I use a cloth bag when shopping for groceries, and I think green thoughts. I want to plant trees everywhere and pick up trash on the ground (it seems to be everywhere!). I want to encourage others to embrace the tree hugger inside them as well. I’ll never be a true tree hugger, but I would like to do my best to reduce my carbon footprint.

I’m not sure if you guys remember the arbor day foundation commercial with ‘Carly Cardinal’ but it was one of my favs back in the day (a singing cartoon commercial – very appealing to a 6 year old girl). The link is below if you need a memory refresher. I think I even saw this commercial on tv like a year ago, it is so awesome, they should keep it in rotation. Also on YouTube, type in 80’s commericals, you will find endless video mixes of all the old commericals. YouTube is so awesome!


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